Surrendering to Chocolate Cake 

Covid Coping Tips for the Weak-Willed and Easily Misled Cake is Crucial If I see one more shirtless man or hyper-extended young lady stretching their way to a better body and healthier mindset, I think I might scream, or at least run to the kitchen and bake myself a double chocolate fudge cake with creamContinue reading “Surrendering to Chocolate Cake “

Feeding My Grief: Healing with Bagley Street Enchiladas

Love is complicated, isn’t it ? I miss my father’s laugh and smile, his singing, all those things that comfort me when I reflect on my own life as a father. I don’t miss the fear of him, his fury and depths of anger as he lashed out against the world, against flesh, against the gravelContinue reading “Feeding My Grief: Healing with Bagley Street Enchiladas”

Tell Me That Story, Harry !

Harry was asleep most times I visited him at Parkridge. His roommate, Ed, would greet me at the door, hands deftly working the wheels on his chair. “He’s sleeping,” he’d report , then turn and head toward the nurse’s station. I’d hear him yelling, “I’m hungry! Is anyone gonna get me some dinner!?” Harry looked up,Continue reading “Tell Me That Story, Harry !”

Growing Up Mexi in Southwest Detroit

Being raised in a mainly Mexican neighborhood with a dark brown Dad and a very white Mom makes for some good neighborhood gossip or at least contributes to some widespread cultural confusion among the locals. Everyone wants to be the one who figures you out, right? Like they cracked the code on your identity. Well,Continue reading “Growing Up Mexi in Southwest Detroit”